• Respect in the Workplace
  • More Equitable Work Assignments and Promotions
  • Union Workers Receive an Average of 20% More than Non-Union Workers
  • Union Workers are More Likely to Have Pensions than Non-Union Workers
  • 92% of Union Workers Have Job-Related Health Coverage vs 68% of Non-Union Workers
  • Protection from Unjust Terminations through Collective Bargaining Agreements (C.B.A.). Because of this, Union Members can not be Terminated without “Just Cause”. This is unlike Non-Union Workers who are “At-Will” Employees who can be Terminated for Almost Ay Reason. “At-Will” Employees are essentially employed ‘At the Will’ of their Employers.
  • The Collective Power to vote whether to Go on Strike. A strike is when a Group of Workers Stops Working either in Protest of Working Conditions or as a Bargaining Tool During Labor/Management Negotiations.